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What is a Becoming a King Retreat? 

In short, It is a gateway to a quest to recover the path and process of masculine initiation (process, becoming, healing).

What if you had 3 days to spend in the wilderness with like-hearted men? A fellowship of men who want what you want and have to fight through similar battles to get it.

Our hope is that you will be able to step away from the frontlines of your life for 3 days and enter into a culture and environment that awakens your heart and your intimacy with God.

This event has been curated over decades by Become Good Soil (led by Morgan Snyder). It's the comprehensive apprenticeship track for Wild at Heart (led by John Eldredge).

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What can I receive through a Becoming a King Retreat? 

Every boy knows he was made to be powerful. As an acorn carries the blueprint of the oak tree, so the heart of every boy holds the possibility of becoming a wholehearted king (a wholehearted man) whose strength brings goodness to all under his care. Yet the news headlines often confirm what we know too well from our own stories: the anguished consequences of masculine power gone amiss.

Curated and distilled over two decades, the message of Becoming a King offers a path to restore the hearts of men in the image of our strong, present, wise, and loving God. 

What would it be like to become the kind of man who has nothing to fear, nothing to hide, and nothing to prove? Join Morgan Snyder and other local men as we venture together to recover strength and restore our hearts.

Format of the event

Surrounded by nature, the event centres around powerful video sessions, interactive story groups, and a guided rhythm of engagement, reflection, and relationship.

Who will be facilitating the event

Rob Porter – Rob is a facilitator (a guide) for Become Good Soil events around the globe and is a close partner with the Wild At Heart team in Colorado. Rob has been walking closely with men for over a decade and has recently founded Let’s Keep Rising, a global platform that is pursuing the hearts of men.

Philip Kelsey – Philip has been tracking the Wild at Heart message for more than 10 years. He has lay ministry experience using this material both in mentoring men, and in prison ministry. A follower of Jesus since the late 1970s, he has found the Wild at Heart message so orientating for a calling in the marketplace.


Hunua Falls Presbyterian Camp, 203 Falls Road, Hunua. 

The camp is adjacent to the Hunua Regional Park, just south of Auckland. 



If you are interested in attending a future event please leave your details in the form below.


We don't want any man to be put off by the cost - so if you need to talk to one of our team about what is affordable for you, please do and we will try to help.

If you would like to subsidise others, please let us know.

Otherwise, costs are as follows: 

$280 per person

Included: This gets you everything you will need once you arrive - all meals, materials, facilities and a place to rest your head for 3 nights. 

We are asking for the full amount to be paid upfront as spaces are limited and we need to make a financial commitment to the Hunua Camp in order to secure the booking. That said, if something comes up after paying that prevents your attendance, we will do our best to refund the costs. 

We encourage you to prayerfully be all in from day one.

What will I need to bring

Bring yourself, an open heart, something to write with, the scriptures and clothes you are comfortable in - there will be some free time and the opportunity to be outside including walking tracks in the Hunua Regional Park.

More specific details will be emailed to you closer to the event.



If you are interested in attending a future event please leave your details in the form below.

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